Evening with Lindy Hop

workshops, dance party

12 October 2019, 21:30
150 min.


Nowy Teatr


After Mette Ingvartsen’s performance, Ciało/Umysł Festival invites you to a special evening composed of dance workshops, tournament and party in the rhythm of swinging Lindy hop.

Lindy hop, a dance genre danced to the rhythm  of jazz music comes from Harlem, the New York City neighborhood populated mainly by the Latinos and Afro-Americans. It is closely related to such music styles as charleston, boogie-woogie and breakaway. It gained sudden popularity in the 1920s which soon went beyond New York’s ethnic enclaves – it became, for example, one of the most widespread form of entertainment among the American soldiers during WWII. The development of this genre is related to the amazing career of big band swing music of that time, and its very name, as the anecdote says, comes from the newspaper headlines. In the 1920s, the newspapers wrote: ”Lindy hops the Atlantic…”, praising the American pilot Charles Lindenbergh who was the first man to fly over the Atlantic alone.

Lindy hop became popular again in the 1980s in California and soon gained the worldwide popularity thanks to its enthusiasts. The community of dancers calling themselves ”the Lindyhoppers” amounts to hundreds of thousands people from across the USA, Europe and Australia. The dance, which is sometimes performed solo but most often in sync with a partner, requires certain physical stamina; it is widely appreciated for its vitality, sense of humor and joyful mood.

Lindy hop will be presented at  Ciało/Umysł Festival for the first time as part of a renowned spectacle ”to come (extended)” by Mette Ingvartsen. Once the performance is finished, the viewers will have the opportunity to learn the basic steps from Grzegorz Kowalczyk and  dancers from Studia Tańca SwingStepPL. A mini dance tournament will be also held and those interested will have a chance to test their skills under the eye of the dancers leading the workshops. Afterwards everyone will be invited to join a swing dance party. It is worth taking your own dancing partner!