Ana Borralho & João Galante

They work with local communities and amateurs


Ana Borralho and João Galante met each other while they studied visual arts at AR.CO (Lisbon) and worked together regularly in the nineties as actors/co-creators with the famous portuguese physical theater group Olho. They have been working together on projects of their own since 2001 on performance art, dance, installation, photography, sound and video art. Borralho & Galante's frequent adressed themes include: body / mind, outside / inside, emotion / feeling, me / others, private / public, social / politics, gender / sexual ambiguity, erotic imaginary, self-portrait.
Since 2004 their work has been shown on international festivals in Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Scotland, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Brazil, Italy, England, Czech Republic, Zlovaquia, Finland, Slovenia, Belgium, Iceland. Borralho and Galante are co-founders of the non-musicians band Jimmie Durham and the casaBranca cultural association. They are also artistic directors/curators of the live art festival Verão Azul (Lagos/Portugal), and co-curators of the electronic music festival Electrolegos (Lagos/Portugal).
They live and work in Lisbon and Lagos (Portugal).



Ana & João talking about the show for the presentation in Wien

João Galante, after the show in Madrid